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A scanning assault is a technique utilized by menace actors to determine vulnerabilities in a community or system. Scanning assaults usually contain using automated instruments to seek for open ports, vulnerabilities, and different weaknesses that may be exploited to achieve unauthorized entry and/or launch a cyberattack.

On this article, we’ll dive into how scan assaults work, what varieties of scans exist, and discover measures you may implement to forestall attackers from breaking into your methods. So with out additional ado…

What’s the goal of scanning?

Relying on who performs it, the aim of the scan could also be to guard or hurt your system. The aim of the scan can also be what separates moral (white hat) hackers from unethical (black hat) hackers. For this reason:

  • In moral hacking, scanning is used to find potential safety weaknesses and report them to the group to allow them to be fastened earlier than malicious actors can exploit them.
  • In unethical hacking, scanning can also be used to determine vulnerabilities, however for the aim of gaining unauthorized entry or launching an assault, for private acquire or to trigger hurt to the goal.

What’s a scanning assault?

Scanning will not be an assault per se, however reasonably a method used to determine system and community vulnerabilities. Nonetheless, scanning can result in a cyber assault when carried out by malicious actors, who use it to acquire extra particular details about their goal.

If the “scan” is profitable, they could acquire the next details about your IT infrastructure:

  • IP addresses and host names – scanning can reveal the IP addresses and hostnames of gadgets linked to the community, which will help attackers map the community topology and determine targets;
  • Open ports and providers – the scan can determine open ports on gadgets and the providers operating on these ports;
  • Details about the working system and software program – the scan can reveal which working system is operating on the gadgets and determine its doable vulnerabilities;
  • Person account info – the scan can determine consumer accounts, usernames and generally even passwords;
  • structure community – scanning can present details about routers, switches, and firewalls to determine potential entry factors into the community;
  • Software and repair vulnerabilities – scanning can reveal vulnerabilities in particular purposes or providers operating on the community.

All of this information offers attackers a greater understanding of your community and methods and might leverage it to launch quite a lot of assaults together with social engineering, phishing, malware, denial of service (DoS) and even ransomware assaults.

How does the scan assault work? scan sorts

Throughout the scan, varied information packets are despatched to the system or community to determine which providers and ports are open and accessible. This may be performed manually, however attackers typically depend on automated instruments comparable to: struggle dialers (which scan telephone numbers to determine linked modems and different gadgets), port scanners, community mappers, sweepers, and vulnerability scanners.

On this course of, several types of scanning methods are used, together with:

port scan

Port scanning entails probe a community to determine open ports and providers that can be utilized to achieve entry to the goal system. That is usually achieved by sending packets to a spread of port numbers on the vacation spot and analyzing the responses obtained to find out which ports are open, closed, or filtered. Open ports can point out the presence of operating providers or purposes, which can be topic to additional exploitation.

Port scan sub-techniques embody: ping scan, vanilla scan, TCP open medium, TCP join, UDP scans, Xmas and FIN. For extra info, try this text my colleague Livia wrote: What’s a Port Scan Assault? Definition and Prevention Measures for Firms.

Community scanning/mapping

Community scanning is the method of system identification and providers in a community and its interconnections. It entails sending packets to a spread of IP addresses on the community and analyzing the responses obtained to determine hosts, open ports, and operating providers. The aim of community scanning is to create a map of the goal community and determine doable assault routes.

Vulnerability Scan

Vulnerability scanning is a method that identifies potential safety vulnerabilities on a system or community. It does this by utilizing automated instruments to scan a system or community for identified vulnerabilities, comparable to outdated software program, unpatched methods, or misconfigured configurations.

Vulnerability scanning will be carried out frequently to proactively determine and deal with potential safety dangers, or in response to a selected safety incident. As soon as vulnerabilities are recognized, organizations can take steps to handle them, comparable to making use of software program patches. If you wish to study extra about vulnerability scanning, my colleague Cristian wrote a complete article about it: What’s vulnerability scanning: definition, sorts, finest practices?

The second part of piracy

Scanning will be harmful as a result of it primarily permits menace actors to get one step nearer to getting access to your group’s methods. Actually, scanning is the second step of the 5-step hacking course of. Step one is reconnaissance (collect info), the second is scanning (actively probing the goal system for vulnerabilities), the third is gaining entry, the fourth is sustaining entry, and the final is protecting tracks.

Does the scan require direct entry to a system?

No, nevertheless it helps. Whereas scanning assaults don’t essentially require direct system entry as community scanners or vulnerability scanners can be utilized remotely to scan a goal community for open ports, vulnerabilities and different potential assault vectors , the effectiveness of the scan could also be restricted if the scanner can’t attain sure elements of the community attributable to firewalls or different safety measures. Additionally, some varieties of scanning, comparable to wi-fi scanning, might require the scanner to be in shut proximity to the goal system or community.

Easy methods to forestall a scanning assault?

Whereas scanning itself can’t be prevented, minimizing the assault floor is one thing that may be achieved with the fitting practices and instruments. Here’s a listing of 6 steps you may take to maintain your group protected from a scanning assault:

  1. use firewall: Firewalls are an integral part of any cybersecurity technique. They assist forestall unauthorized entry to your community and will be configured to dam port scan makes an attempt.
  2. Usually replace software program and methods.: Conserving software program and methods updated is vital to stopping safety vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit. You should definitely set up safety patches and updates as quickly as they’re accessible.
  3. Use intrusion detection methods (IDS) and prevention (IPS): Intrusion detection and prevention methods will help detect and stop scanning makes an attempt by alerting you to suspicious community exercise.
  4. Implement entry controls: Limiting entry to delicate information and methods will help forestall unauthorized scan makes an attempt.
  5. Run your personal vulnerability scans: Common vulnerability scanning ought to be a part of your cyber safety technique as a result of it might assist determine potential safety dangers earlier than attackers can exploit them.
  6. educate your employees: Coaching workers on cyber safety finest practices, comparable to creating robust passwords and avoiding phishing scams, can scale back the probabilities of social engineering assaults that may result in scanning makes an attempt.

How can Heimdal® assist?

The excellent news is that we have now a full suite of merchandise that may aid you construct a powerful cyber protection and canopy all assault fronts, so your group can be protected from not solely scanning however many different cyber assaults as properly. Risk prevention, asset and patch administration, next-generation antivirus, ransomware encryption safety, privileged entry administration, and utility management can all be bought individually or mixed as wanted, with one slot minimal within the system and easy accessibility and administration from a unified panel.

Get in contact with our advisors at gross [email protected] and e book a demo to search out out which resolution is finest for you.

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Easy, stand-alone safety options are not sufficient.

It’s an progressive and enhanced multi-layer EDR safety strategy for organizational protection.

  • Subsequent-generation antivirus and firewall that stops identified threats;
  • DNS visitors filter that stops unknown threats;
  • Computerized patches to your software program and purposes with out interruptions;
  • Privileged entry administration and utility management, multi function unified panel


Scanning assaults are a severe menace to all methods and networks, however with the fitting safety measures and instruments, your group can keep protected from them. Firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention methods, and vulnerability administration instruments are vital milestones in attaining a powerful cyber protection, so begin getting ready!

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